05/04/15 – Rodney Croome OAM out of order on surrogacy


Rodney Croome’s recent statement questioning the legal requirement that altruistic surrogates be at least 25 years of age and have already given birth, exposes his poor judgment in commenting on matters about which he is ill informed – namely women’s rights and reproduction.

‘NorMAC is deeply concerned that these comments by Mr Croome reflect badly on his previous good work seeking equality for the LGTBI community’, said Nordic Model Australia Coalition (NorMAC) spokesperson Matthew Holloway.

‘Mr Croome’s suggestion that the age of consent to surrogacy be lowered fails to recognise the possibility for exploitation or coercion of vulnerable young women inherent in such a move’.

Surrogacy involves many physical and emotional challenges for the surrogate mother, including the risks associated with assisted reproductive methods, and the possibility the mother may be unwilling to relinquish the child.

It is in the interests of all parties to an altruistic surrogacy arrangement that the surrogate has personal experience of pregnancy and childbirth, and has children of her own. Surrogacy must be a fully informed choice.

Global organisations, including the European Women’s Lobby, the Swedish Women’s Lobby, the French Assemblée des Femmes and the US Center for Bioethics and Culture have called for the abolition of surrogacy, which has been recognised as reproductive slavery.

‘NorMAC recognises that surrogacy can be a form of exploitation, using a woman as a gestational vessel to grow another person’s child. If surrogacy is to occur, every possible protection must be in place to minimise potential exploitation of the surrogate. It is essential that the current legal requirements are retained’, said Matthew Holloway.

ARTICLE – Rodney Croome OAM out of order on surrogacy

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