03/05/15 – Tom Meagher launches anti-prostitution campaign in Ireland


NorMAC (Nordic Model Australia Coalition) welcomes the involvement of Tom Meagher in the launch this week of the Irish campaign, Prostitution: We Don’t Buy It.

Following the rape and murder of his wife, Jill Meagher, in Melbourne in September 2012, Mr Meagher has emerged as a tireless campaigner against all forms of violence endured by women.

‘Mr Meagher’s activism on this issue is a positive way of honoring his wife’s memory’, said NorMAC spokesperson, Matthew Holloway.

‘His thoughtful contributions to the discourse on male violence against women are an example to all men’, he said.

Speaking at the campaign launch, Mr Meagher condemned the attitude that tempts men into using prostitutes by promoting prostitution as a mutually consensual arrangement. He said the notion that prostitution is about sexual freedom or liberation is a lie that needs to stop.

‘If you pay for sex, your money’s not buying consent, it’s paying for the temporary suspension of her desire not to consent’, said Mr Meagher.

‘NorMAC will shortly be launching the Prostitution: We Don’t Buy It campaign in Australia’, said Mr Holloway.

Mr Meagher is leading by example for caring, respectful men. Many men don’t buy prostitutes, but they need to speak up against normalisation of the exploitation inherent in prostitution and the myth of choice perpetuated by the sex industry lobby.





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