13/11/16 – Labor to open the door for violence to women by johns, pimps and traffickers

NorMAC was not expecting that the ALP would vote down Young Labor’s motion at the state conference given the lack of information about alternative human rights based approaches to prostitution being discussed either at ALP Branch level or circulated before the debate at the State Conference. The lack of proper consultation with stakeholders that has underpinned this decision is a hallmark of undemocratic processes with all political parties.

“The majority of ALP members in Tasmania do not support full decriminalisation of brothels and understand this will lead to an increase in illegal brothels, trafficking, organised crime and harms to children and women as has been the hallmark of other decriminalised jurisdictions such as New South Wales and New Zealand, ” said NorMAC Director Simone Watson.

“The ALP has ignored the international evidence and excluded being informed by all stakeholders, other than the Scarlet Alliance, especially about the success of Nordic model laws and their emerging global reach.”

Elliott Bell from the Newstead Branch of the ALP opposed the motion and said: “Decriminalisation over time normalises and increases demand for sex work,” he said. “It’s irrefutable that this industry is an industry of exploitation.”

NorMAC are will be giving presentations at ALP branch meetings in the near future and expect a very different motion to go before the ALP State Conference in 2017 before the next State Election.

“The ALP will wear the consequences of ignoring the voices of Survivors with this retrograde decision at the next election, in the interim they will be seen as the party willing to legitimise pimps and profiteers as industrious business owners with a complete blindside of international evidence showing that the sex trade is inherently harmful and causes disability to the majority of women who enter it.” said Simone Watson

For further information contact: Simone Watson (Director of NorMAC and Sex Trade Survivor) – 0477 448 164

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