23/03/17 – White Ribbon Must Oppose Commodification of Women

Today’s White Ribbon Launch of Professor Bob Pease and Dr Ann Carrington’s paper – Men as Allies in preventing Violence Against Women: Principles and Practices for Promoting Accountability will open the opportunity for White Ribbon to oppose all forms of violence to women including the commodification and objectification of women’s bodies in the sex industry including pornography.

Simone Watson, National Director of Nordic Model Australia Coalition said, “until now, White Ribbon Australia has not engaged with survivors of the sex-trade many of whom have suffered appalling violence by sex-buyers and pimps.”

” The commodification and objectification of women is the root cause of male violence to women.”

” White Ribbon need to honestly engage with all issues which are at the core of the epidemic of male violence to women.”

“It is time for White Ribbon Australia to Be Bold for Change and stand alongside their international partners such as White Ribbon in Ireland and the UK who have joined the growing international movement against the global sex-trade and in support Nordic Model laws on prostitution.”

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