New South Wales

15/02/18, 9 News, Sydney man accused of trafficking woman, forcing her into sex work

09/12/16,, Milk, bread and happy endings: The illegal brothel hiding on your local shopping strip

02/06/16, Canberra Times, AFP officer used police database to look up alleged pimp, court hears

21/04/15, The Northern Star, Addicts trading ice for sex through controversial website

14/04/15, The Daily Telegraph, ‘I used heroin to come down off ice’: The harrowing story of a 16-year-old drug addict

27/02/15,, Illegal prostitution thriving at swanky Central Park complex

26/05/14, The Sydney Morning Herald, Brothels: NSW government must address corruption

25/05/14, The Sydney Morning Herald, Brothels ignored warning on neurosurgeon Suresh Nair

30/03/14, The Sydney Morning Herald, Trafficking: Women lured with student visas forced into sex slavery

08/03/14, The Daily Telegraph, Brothel owners banned in Victoria for employing underage prostitutes now running big brothels in Sydney

01/12/13, The Age, Brothel barons expand as councils fail to act on illegal activities

18/11/13, The Sydney Morning Herald, Frustrated councils, residents call for effective ways to close illegal brothels

17/11/13, The Sydney Morning Herald, Brothel patrons review illegal sex workers’ services online

17/11/13, The Sydney Morning Herald, New red-light zone as illegal sex trade expands north

14/08/13, The Sydney Morning Herald, Gattellari is branded pimp, liar and thief

06/07/13, The Sydney Morning Herald, Jail for brothel keeper who enslaved women

05/07/13, The Daily Telegraph, Brothel madam at Diamonds in Sydney jailed for detaining staff against their will

04/02/13, Herald Sun, Student ‘sex slaves’ recruited overseas to work in a Sydney brothel, a jury heard

30/08/12, The Daily Telegraph, Premier Barry O’Farrell takes a broom to brothels across New South Wales

13/08/12, The Daily Telegraph, Sex and the city: brothels in CBD hotels, investigation finds

05/08/12, The Daily Telegraph, Mum’s fury as accused child pimp gets bail after daughter was allegedly a child prostitute in Kings Cross

28/05/12, The Age, Australia’s biggest brothel poised to get planning nod

25/06/12, The Sydney Morning Herald, Standing up for sex workers is standing up for pimps

25/05/12, The Age, Six charged over Sydney child prostitution ring

25/05/12, The Examiner, No help for child prostitute, court told

10/01/12, The Daily Telegraph, More than 500 Sydney prostitutes are offering unprotected sex to clients in brothels

30/10/11, The Sunday Telegraph, Woman on brothel slavery charges

11/10/11, The Sydney Morning Herald, Licensing law to tighten screws on brothel chiefs

02/07/11, Newcastle Star, Low prices fuel exotic sex trade

08/04/11, The Daily Telegraph, Sin City? Try sin suburb

12/11/10, The Daily Telegraph, A fight to turn off the red lights in Rydalmere

11/11/10, The Daily Telegraph, Sydney the brothel capital of the South Pacific

10/05/10, The Age, Brothel pair held five women as slaves

18/05/09, ABC News, NSW papers urged to cut brothel ads

18/05/09, Courier Mail, Illegal brothels booming across Sydney

14/03/08, ABC News, Police probe truckie child sex claims

22/11/04, The Age, ALP official jailed over child prostitution

09/10/03, The Sydney Morning Herald, Hilton in court over minors in brothel case

20/06/01, Green Left Weekly, And ain’t I a woman: Prostitution is no laughing matter

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