Published Research:

2017, NorMAC – Amnesty Dossier

2014, Sexual exploitation and prostitution and its impact on gender equality European Parliament

2014, Shifting the Burden: Inquiry to assess the operation of the current legal settlement on prostitution in England and Wales All-Party Parliamentary Group on Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade

2014, Prostitution, trafficking and modern slavery in Europe Council of Europe Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination

2013, Dangerous Liaisons: A report on the violence women in prostitution in Oslo are exposed to by the municipality of Oslo with support of Norway’s Ministry of Justice and Public Safety

2013, CATWA Nordic Model Report, by the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women

2013, The Crusade of the Pro-Prostitution Lobby by Norwegian Sociologist Ane Stø and Asta Håland

2012, Does legalizing prostitution protect women and girls? Findings from countries and states where prostitution is legal by Equality Now

2012, The Relationship between prostitution and sex trafficking: The case of Sweden and Denmark by Selam Legesse Eshete (Lund University, Sweden)

2012, Window Brothels Get the Red Light, by Julie Bindel

2012, Does Legalized Prostitution Increase Human Trafficking?, by Seo-Young Choa, Axel Dreher and Eric Neumayer (University of Göttingen, Germany)

2011, Sweden’s prohibition of purchase of sex: The law’s reasons, impact, and potential, by Max Waltman (Department of Political Science, Stockholm University, Sweden)

2011, Selling sex sells: Representations of prostitution and the sex industry in sexualised popular culture as symbolic violence, by Maddy Coy, Josephine Wakeling and Maria Garner

2010, Risk and Risk Management for Australian Sex Workers, by Margaret Harris, Pam Nilan and Emma Kirby

2010, Inquiry into People Trafficking for Sex Work, by Parliament of Victoria: Drugs and Crime Prevention Committee

2010, Targeting the Sex Buyer. The Swedish Example: Stopping Prostitution and Trafficking Where It All Begins, by Kajsa Claude

2009, Against Prostitution and Human Trafficking for Sexual Purposes by the Ministry of Integration and Gender Equality, Sweden

2004, The Swedish Law that Prohibits the Purchase of Sexual Services, by Gunilla Ekberg

2003, A Critical Examination of Responses to Prostitution in Four Countries: Victoria, Australia; Ireland; the Netherlands; and Sweden , by Julie Bindel and Liz Kelly

2003, Prostitution & Trafficking in Nine Countries: An Update on Violence and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, by Melissa Farley, Ann Cotton, A, Jacqueline Lynne, Sybille Zumbeck, Frida Spiwak, Maria E Reyes, Dinorah Alvarez and Ufuk Sezgin

2002, Legalization The Australian Experience, by Mary Lucille Sullivan and Sheila Jeffry’s

1993, Prostitution in NSW: The Impact of Deregulation, by Dr Sandra Egger and Christine Harcourt

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