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12/07/18, Tasmanian Times, Addressing demand in prostitution, which political party has the courage to do it right in Australia

12/05/18, Tasmanian Times, The Greens’ Kathleen Maltzahn – Conviction, But No Courage … ?

07/05/18, Tasmanian Times, Brothels should voluntarily report on slavery …

22/02/18, Tasmanian Times, Outrage over Oxfam investigations into paedophiles, sexual misconduct

15/02/18, ABC News, Oxfam scandal fallout sees ‘small number’ of Australian donors withdraw support

07/12/17, Tasmanian Times, Australia must take a stand against the exploitation of women

01/04/17, Tasmanian Times, Thomas Kent and the Sex Party propaganda machine

28/03/17, The Conversation, A soldier and a sex worker walk into a therapist’s office. Who’s more likely to have PTSD?

24/03/17, Tasmanian Times, Dissent in White Ribbon Starts to Bite

18/03/17, Tasmanian Times, Deconstructing the Disability Trump Card

05/03/17, Tasmanian Times, One for the Men: On Prostitution and Thankfulness

10/12/16, Tasmanian Times, Boycotts ramp up on The Body Shop and L’Oreal

02/11/16, Tasmanian Times, Where do survivors fit in Australian sex industry research?

26/10/16, ABC Radio National, Speaking out against trafficking and the sex industry in Australia: a personal story

12/10/16, ABC News, Former sex workers claim harassment by pro-prostitution groups after speaking out

28/04/16, ABC News, With prostitution, when is consent not consent?

08/04/16, The Conversation, Sex trade survivors deserve the chance to speak

08/04/16, Tasmanian Times, Van Badham’s freedom of speech for some?

08/04/16,, ‘I clutched the cash while he used me’: Former prostitutes on why they want the industry banned

25/08/15, ABC News, Human trafficking: Sex slavery victims risking brutal reprisals to access government support, campaigners say

13/03/15, ABC News, Sweden’s so-called Nordic model designed to protect sex workers while dismantling their trade

01/02/14, The Australian, Asian slaves to the Australian sex industry

09/06/13,, Foreign prostitutes wanted on 457 skilled work visas

21/01/13, The Age, Brothels say welfare cuts push mums to sex work

15/10/12, Tasmanian Times, Sex work is just work. Or is it, really?

01/10/12, The Conversation, Re-opening the prostitution debate: it’s time to make women safer

18/09/12, Eureka Street, Disability, sex rights and the prostitute

17/09/12, Tasmanian Times, Prostitution – exit strategies first

31/06/12, The Conversation, Political party of lobby group? the dark side of The Australian Sex Party

13/10/11, The Sydney Morning Herald, It’s time to get serious about sex trafficking in Australia

18/06/10, Herald Sun, Sex trade report shames Australia

26/06/06, Eureka Street, An Australian slave trade

25/04/06, Eureka Street, Human traffic