25/01/17, Nordic Model Now, Myth: Legalising Prostitution Reduces the Stigma

06/08/16, Tasmanian Times, Melbourne Writers’ Festival Panel Dispute Exposes Anti-Survivor Agenda

26/04/16, The Age, Acquitted of rape, real estate agent Henry Jiang must pay for sex worker’s broken phone

05/04/16, Tasmanian Times, Pro sex trade group Vixen Collective ramps up campaign

08/05/15, Herald Sun, Police officer did ‘nothing’ when faced with drug affected child who later overdosed, coroner says

28/04/15, Herald Sun, Tom Meagher condemns Jill Meagher’s killer Adrian Bayley for anti-prostitution campaign

16/08/14, Herald Sun, Monash council investigates illegal prostitution claim after anonymous tip-off

06/06/14, The Age, Police raid illegal brothels in Brunswick and Coburg, two women arrested

12/03/14, ABC News, Paedophile gangs targeting children in state care in Victoria for sexual abuse

12/03/14, Herald Sun, State wards being groomed for prostitution by paedophile gangs

26/02/14, ABC News, Prostitution feeding Shepparton ice addictions

01/02/14, The Australian, Asian slaves to the Australian sex industry

17/10/13, Project Futures, The legalisation of prostitution in Victoria – is this the real answer?

20/09/13, On Line Opinion, The immorality of Victoria’s prostitution laws

26/07/13, The Standard, Former brothel keeper gets suspended sentence for bribes

23/07/13, The Kings Tribune, Woman Brutally Murdered in Inner Melbourne

16/07/13, The Age, Illegal brothel owners likely to evade jail

15/07/13, The Age, Court takes no chances on alleged sex-worker ring

07/07/13, Tasmanian Times, Group Warns Vic Premier on Sex Laws after AFP Raid

03/07/13, The Age, Police arrest ‘brothel syndicate’ members in raids across city

03/07/13, ABC News, Police disrupt ‘brothel syndicate’ exploiting sex workers

10/05/13, ABC News, Brothel key to hidden trafficking

02/11/12, ABC News, Hoteliers given power to show sex workers the door

30/09/12, The Age, Brothel-owner bribe claims against planning officer

12/09/12, The Age, Accused brothel madam to face bribery charges

11/09/12, The Age, There was sex at club, stripper tells court

06/09/12, The Age, Council Officer ‘sold soul’ to protect brothels

12/08/12, The Weekly Review, Melbourne hotels ‘unaware’ of illegal brothels

08/08/12, ABC News, Police swoop on illegal brothel

13/04/12, ABC News, Sex slavery case dropped, but brothel manager deported

13/02/12, Tasmanian Times, Working against the global sex industry

30/01/12, Tasmanian Times, Learning lessons from legalising prostitution in Victoria

16/11/11, The Age, Council worker jailed over brothel bribes

13/10/11, The Age, Baillieu’s brothel bill under fire from critics

13/10/11, Sydney Morning Herald, It’s time to get serious about sex trafficking in Australia

12/10/11, The Age, Migration agents suspected over sex slavery

11/10/11, The Age, Brothel firebombing linked to turf war

10/10/11, The Age, Never a game

10/10/11, The Age, Legal brothels’ sex slavery links

09/10/11, The Age, Police get greater powers to crack down on illegal brothels

09/10/11, The Age, Chinese illegal brothel syndicates charged with bribery

15/07/11, Sydney Morning Herald, Brothel safety a dangerous myth

09/10/11, The Age, Brothel ‘bosses’ hit with bribery, sex charges

20/01/10, Adelaide Now, Criminals infiltrating legal brothel industry

17/08/09, The Age, First conviction for sex slavery in Victoria has sentence reduced

29/01/09, Sydney Morning Herald, Brothel manager hired 14-year-old: court

30/10/08, WA Today, Police link to illegal brothel

10/09/08, The Age, Brothel bosses accused of employing girl, 14

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