Western Australia

04/05/15, Perth Now, Migrant workers in slave-like conditions – fears of organised prostitution syndicates moving in across the country

03/03/15, WA Today, Cold case rapist jailed for prostitute attack

24/02/14, Perth Now, Feminist lawyer says WA could stop human trafficking statewide

01/03/14, Yahoo News, Liberal MP Peter Abetz wants WA to adopt the Nordic model

17/02/12, Yahoo News, Fly-in fly-out mine workers driving demand in Geraldton

08/02/12, Yahoo News, Prostitution in Geraldton – Illegal sex trade confirmed

20/08/11, Yahoo News, Women encouraged to come to WA to work as masseurs

02/01/10, The Sunday Times, Girls as young as 12 working as child prostitutes

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